House structure

Darwin Orwell Pankhurst

Gillotts School has a House system, with three houses (Darwin, Orwell, and Pankhurst). Students are placed into one of the three houses upon admission to the school.  Each House has a Head of House, an assistant Head of House, a team of tutors and a housebase with an administration team who are always available during the day for communication. This ensures that each student belongs to a small unit within the wider school community and receives as much personal support as possible.

During a daily tutorial period, all students in each tutor group are encouraged and helped to learn from each other in a supportive environment, thereby maximising their progress and achievement, as well as focussing on their well-being.

All houses have a bespoke tutor programme that they follow during their tutorial period. This programme helps to support students’ academic progress and personal development, delivering elements of our ‘Not by ourselves alone’ programme, careers, e-safety, and health and well-being, among others.

Where possible and appropriate, tutors and their tutor groups remain together as students progress through the school.

Information in the online student planner supports the tutor programme.

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