Virtual Pioneer

Welcome to our Virtual Pioneer programme

We know we cannot replace an in-person experience entirely but we hope the resources we have added here will serve to reduce any anxiety about transition and fuel excitement for the new challenges ahead.

Staff videos

Ms Darnton (Headteacher, click here)

Mr Druce (Assistant Headteacher, introducing the student handbook, click here)

Mrs McHugh (Assistant Headteacher, click here)

Madame Orlando (Transition lead, click here)

Heads of House, Darwin (click here), Orwell (click here) and Pankhurst (click here)

Mrs Seddon (our librarian, click here to see how the Google Site works and here to look round the OLC).

Student videos

Head Students (click here)

Take a tour of the site (click here)

Tutor time (click here)

The canteen (with our former Head Students, click here)

Things to try at home

All of our teachers are really looking forward to working with you. Some of them have put together activities for you to try; have a go and make sure you send them in (see details within the activities) or bring them with you in September.

Art activity (click here) You will need a pencil and some colours or some magazines, scissors and glue.

DT challenge (click here) You’ll need scrap cardboard, sellotape, scissors, a marble and a stopwatch.

Food Technology activity  (click here) We’d love to try the cookies!

History activity (click here)

Library summer activity (click here)

Maths activity (click here)

Music project (click here) Try one/some/all of the activities; you will need access to everyday household objects.

PE challenge (completed as a whole-class or by individuals – click here)

RS activity (click here key terms sheet (click here) This is a class-based activity but could be done with a parent/guardian at home.

Science activities (click here) You will need some Skittles for the experiment.



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